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Bringing the Vision to Life.


We begin with an announcement bar that highlights any ongoing sales or product launches. Next, we feature the specific product or collection our client wants to showcase, complete with a 'Shop Now' button that effortlessly directs visitors to the respective product or collection page.

Emphasize Collection

Introduce Latest Product

Brand Colors: Pink, Black, Neon Yellow


Beneath the featured collection, we introduced another selection that our client wanted customers to easily access. This section aimed to spotlights a specific product our client wanted to promote. Following this, we've emphasized two additional collections our client wanted to draw attention to. Lastly, we embedded a video that highlights our clients brand.

Showcase Branded Video

Display Collections

Highlight Products


For an interactive experience, we've flawlessly incorporated our client's Instagram feed, showcasing their four most recent posts directly from their Instagram account. To conclude, we present a subscription form, inviting customers to subscribe to our marketing emails and enjoy an exclusive 10% discount off their first purchase.

Email Subscription

Rewards Program

Featured Instagram Feed


Add Ons.

We've established an Ambassador Program to amplify brand awareness, providing an opportunity for customers who wish to actively represent our client's brand. Additionally, for customers who may not wish to join the Ambassador Program but still want to share the experience, we've introduced a Referral Program. This program allows them to invite friends to shop with an exclusive 10% discount.

Elite Program & Refferals

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